Do You Need a Website for Your Small Business?


Whether you are starting a new business that will not conduct business online or you are an established business that has been successful without a web presence you may be wondering:

“Do I need a website for my business?”

Yes – A small business needs a website in today's digital world. Not only would you be missing out on potential business, but today’s consumers want and expect to be able to quickly look up and find answers to questions they have about a business, and are likely to choose another business if they aren't sure if your business can help them.

Still not sure? In the rest of this article, we will go into detail on why your business does need a website and why you may be hurting your business if you don’t have a website.

Why you need a website for your business


Having a quality professional website will help to increase the credibility of your business to potential customers finding you online. For many consumers, it is part of their criteria for determining the trustworthiness of a business. Your business's website is an opportunity to gain trust and show your business services or products and professionalism, it is the internet equivalent of having a nice storefront or location for your business. It helps to add to your business's credibility by showing your users a professional website showcasing your business and your products or services.

2.You are in control

Your website is your business’s space on the internet. You are in complete control of what you want to display and convey to existing and potential customers. It is a great place to showcase what your business is good at by showing your products and services. You can establish your branding with your messaging on your website. Your business may have great reviews in different places around the web, and your website is a great place to showcase your favorite reviews on your business front and center for any visitors to your website.

Your website is also great for existing and potential customers to find all the information they need on your business in one convenient place. You can list your hours, locations, products, and menus, and answer any frequently asked questions right on your website for all to utilize. Your website serves as a digital marketing brochure on your business for all to read. And the best part is you are not limited by location, anyone around the world can find your business and see your messaging and branding.

3. Attract more business

Users are searching for businesses and services like yours on the internet every day, and if potential customers can’t find your business then you are missing out on opportunities to grow to your competitors that do have websites. A well-built website will bring you in more customers and leads while giving a convenient way for existing customers to find info and updates on your business.

4.Your business now works 24/7

Your website is there to represent your business and work for you day and night, rain, sleet, or snow, and even on holidays. Your website can give the information or answers that customers seek any day or time without keeping you or your staff from working on what's important in your business. Your website will also keep collecting new leads from your website’s contact form while you are at home sleeping, or taking much-needed time away from work.

5. A tool to help grow or grow with your business

A well-built website will be able to not only help grow your business but also be able to adapt and add on to as your business grows. Maybe you want to start selling online in the future or add a scheduling service to your website, your website can be updated to add these additional functionalities or any other possibilities that may arise.

Why social media isn't enough and you still need a website

A strong social media presence is still a major plus for your business and having at least some sort of social media presence is something that you will need as well, but it isn't something you can solely rely on for your business’s web visibility.

Social media sites are not owned by your business and their continued success as well as any success you gain on them are often out of your control. If a social media site that you have invested countless hours into growing your business’s reach and presence on its platform starts to decline in popularity or public opinion, you can very quickly lose that reach and time invested in growing your following. You should instead use social media in growing a following that funnels to your website you do own so that you are always able to continue to connect with customers and followers you have gained. Your website and website domain have long-term longevity that belongs to you and you can continue to retain your outreach independent from any other business’s outcomes.


Having a professional website for your small business is critical in growing your business and boosting your sales, and your customers expect to be able to find your business online and find the answers to at least the basic questions they may have about your business. Today’s consumers are going to an internet search to be informed before making a purchase or spending any money with a new business and if you aren’t being found online you are risking getting left behind.

The positive to all of this is that getting a website for your business is no longer a huge hurdle and is easier than ever. There are many professional website designers and developers that can create your website for you as well as many other services and websites to help get you online quickly.

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